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Plan your Wedding at The Hills St John USVI

May 7, 2020

Planning a destination wedding is a decent amount of work, and you’ll need to sharpen your event planning skills. Planning a wedding is already a big job, so doing it all from a few hundred (or even thousand) miles away from the destination of where it will happen is no small feat. If you’re planning a destination wedding at St. John in the US Virgin Islands, keep the below tips in mind!


Envision Your Wedding Day

When you start planning your wedding, begin with picturing the day and noticing all the details. Think about questions such as: Do you want to get married on the beach? Would you prefer it to be during the day, or at night? Factor in your budget and guest list. Once you know where your wedding will be, you can work on the small details such as the style, colors, design, and menu.

Beach weddings at The Hills

Pick the Date

Since you’re getting married on a tropical island, do some research about the weather and what to expect in different seasons. Many resorts offer deals in the off season, but nobody wants to get married during the rainy season. Also make sure to ask your family members and closest friends what dates would work best for them. You want to make sure that the people you care about most will be able to make it. You should also accept that not all your guests will be able to make it, based on date or personal budgets. 


Research Local Marriage License Requirements

Make sure to research if you will actually be able to get legally married at your wedding destination. There could be requirements that you won’t be able to meet, in which case you can have a civil ceremony where you live. This ensures that you’re legally married before your destination wedding. Check with your venue regarding the local marriage requirements, they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Check Out the Venue

If you get a chance to visit the island before your wedding weekend, this can help ensure the venue meets your expectations and you can meet the staff that will be helping you on the big day. Take pictures and check out the outdoor & indoor spaces in case of inclement weather. 

Beach weddings at the USVI

There are a ton of places on St. John to consider for your wedding day. With white beaches and perfect weather, it could be hard to decide on one spot. 

The Hills at St. John provides a beautiful backdrop with their amazing view. The exceptional guest service ensures that your big day runs smoothly and that your guests are fully taken care of. The outdoor terrace and indoor clubhouse provides more than enough space to eat, dance, and celebrate with those closest to you. 

Trunk Bay is incredibly picturesque and has become the most popular beach for sunset weddings on the island. If your wedding plans call for a beachy feel right on the sand, then consider Trunk Bay. 

Another unique venue on St. John is the Danish sugar mill and plantation that has ruins with a rich history. Annaberg Plantation was one of 25 sugar producing factories on St. John. Annaberg was named after William Gottschalk's daughter and translates to Anna's Hill. Today, the plantation is protected by the Virgin Islands National Park and is open to the public. You can plan your wedding ceremony at Annaberg in the morning or late afternoon, if you want to avoid crowds and midday heat.


Learn About Your Vendors

Research the vendors carefully and see who the venue recommends. Also, read online reviews to see if other couples have enjoyed working with them and how they rated their experiences. Using local vendors will be more budget friendly, but if you decide to use vendors from where you live, you might have to pay for their travel expenses. 


Consider Bringing Items With You

Shipping items can be a hassle and end up costing a lot of money. Research the logistics early on, before you become set on shipping items. Instead, try to pack and bring as much as you can on the airplane. Let the airline know ahead of time if you are planning on bringing your wedding gown on the flight, they may let you hang it in the cockpit or offer some special care. If you’re planning to ship other wedding supplies, make sure you have a dedicated person to receive it — don't just put the name of the hotel. Make sure to put the name of the wedding planner or pay the extra fee and bring it over in suitcases to be safe.

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